Botanical Fabrication: Thigmotropism + Bicycle

A botanically made bicycle could be the vehicle of the future.

Thigmotropism is a movement in which a plant moves or
grows in response to touch or contact stimuli. I interpreted
Thigmotropism in different ways with different objects. The
term of ‘touch’ to make products has such a warm feeling.
Using this feeling of warmth to make such a mechanical product
(e.g. a bicycle) can be very interesting.

A bicycle is a human-powered, pedal-driven vehicle. A bicycle
is a sustainable vehicle. This vehicle does not use any fuel to work
and does not emit any pollution. It is 100 percent reliant on
human control and it’s safer (for other road users) than a car.

The Thigmotropic Growing Chamber is an idea for growing or ‘training’ gourds into the shape of usable items such as a bicycle saddle.


Thigmotropism + Bicycle by Hyun Lee

Thigmotropic Growing Chamber: Trains a gourd to grow into the shape of a bicycle saddle

Thigmotropism + Bicycle by Hyun Lee