Roche Bobois: Stretch Rock Chair

After the analysis of living areas in the home and after careful ethnographic research we showed that many of us in the developed world lead a very passive lifestyle: sitting still, engulfed by our endless use of technology, hours on end. Little did we know that just sitting without movement for several hours, stops circulation in certain areas leading to dramatic diseases such as obesity and heart failure. Over-comforting our ‘very tired strained bodies’ can do us harm.

I am proposing an all night gym fest after work, that furniture does the job for us, let it inspire us to be active. Giving furniture an added an alternative use to pure comfort: let it improve our lack of movement and make us move continuously and naturally constantly, without us even noticing it.


Roche Bobois - Stretch Rock Chair

3D mockup of Stretch Rock Chair

Roche Bobois - Stretch Rock Chair

Product concept drawings

Roche Bobois - Stretch Rock Chair

Material research / Mood board