Future Activewear for Older Adults

It is predicted that by 2030 more than 20 million people in the UK will be over the age of 60. The loss of independence caused by deterioration in physical and mental health condition is a huge burden, both on the individual, and on the increasingly aging population.

I am interested in how textiles/wearables could encourage older adults to have a healthier lifestyle in the aging society. From my research into specific age-related conditions and exercises, I have developed scenarios of future activewear for older adults. I have designed a series of fashion garments that could help to increase muscle strength and dexterity in everyday situations. These are: Fall Prevention Exercise Trousers, Hand and Finger Massage Jumper and Social Activity Coat. By incorporating gentle exercise functions directly into these garments, the wearer is encouraged to perform exercises throughout the day.

By exploring new ideas around activewear for older adults, it could help us to re-imagine a healthier and more active later life and raise important questions about our own preparation for, and attitudes to old age.



Lower Body Exercise Trousers by Hyun Lee

Scenario 1: Fall Prevention Exercise Trousers

Hand and Finger Massage Jumper by Hyun Lee

Scenario 2: Hand and Finger Massage Jumper

Social Activity Coat by Hyun Lee

Scenario 3: Social Activity Coat

Fall Prevention Exercise Trousers by Hyun Lee

Social Activity Coat by Hyun Lee